Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

8am Hour:

Bob Seger, Nine Tonight, Urban Cowboy
Steve Goodman, Jessie's Jig, Jessie's Jig and Other Favorites 

Left Banke, Walk Away Renee, Greatest Hits 

Free, All Right Now/I'm a Mover (Live),  Free Live 

Al Green, Take Me To The River, East Memphis Music/Stax Records 

Bo Diddley, Evilee, Big Bad Bo 

Al Kooper, Can You Hear It Now, New York City (You're A Woman)
Al Kooper, Ballad of the Hard Rock Kid, New York City (You're A Woman) 

Al Kooper, Going Quietly Mad, New York City (You're A Woman) 

Jerry Garcia, Might As Well, Reflections

Michael Murphy, Nobody's Gonna Tell Me How To Make My Music, Michael Murphy

9am Hour:

Nicky Hopkins, Edward, The Tin Man Was A Dreamer

Rory Gallagher, Race The Breeze, Blueprint

Association, That's Racin', Stop Your Motor

10CC, I'm Not In Love, The Very Best Of 10CC

Warren Zevon, Stand In The Fire, Stand In The Fire

Donovan, Sunshine Superman, Playlist: The Very Best Of Donovan

Allman Brothers Band, Blue Sky, Eat A Peach

Ohio Express, 1 2 3 Red Light, The Best Of The Ohio Express: Yummy Yummy Yummy

Band, The Shape I'm In, Stage Fright

John Baldry, You Can't Judge A Book, Everything Stops For Tea

Hues Corporation, Rock The Boat, Out Of Sight


  1. Great show! Loved hearing ABB's Blue Sky again!
    Steven Bearden

  2. Another great show from Reeling in the Years!
    Thought of a couple of other musician and bands I heard on WRAS. Henry Gross, Michael Fennely and New Riders of the Purple Sage.
    Will there ever be podcasts of these shows? Dare we hope?

  3. Bill, the copyright rules won't let us post shows for download, but it does let us post it for streaming. Hopefully I'll get this ability later this year. Some Gross or Sage will be coming soon...

  4. My Saturday mornings will never be the same. I live for your program! A couple of minor quips and one major one. There are still A LOT of repeats. I listened to WRAS religiously from 1972-1975 in high school. OK, the big gripe: I find it hard to believe that "Rock the Boat" by The Hughes Corporation was ever played on WRAS. I remember a pop song, if good (e.g. King Harvest's "Dancin in the Moonlight" or "Radar Love") but disco? I would have been shocked. You've played 1,2,3, Red Light by The Ohio Express about 5 times during the past year. While I love it as the ultimate in what we called Bubblegum Rock, did it really get played with the frequency on WRAS (pre-album 88) that it appears on your shows? I plan to share with you the hundreds of hours of tapes of actual shows I recorded (unfortunately on cassettes, which are now disintegrating) from the 1972-1975 vintage era of this unique radio station. I learned about groups like Wishbone Ash, Spirit, Trapeze, Jo Jo Gunne, Aphrodite's Child 666, Electric Flag, Johnny Winter, Badger, vintage Climax Blues Band (like 1972s stunning WNEW FM Live album, nothing like the MOR shlock that was played on Top 40 later after they ceased being a rock n roll band), John Baldry (played today -- love it!). About 25% were album cuts of good rock n roll that wouldn't be played as Top 40, but worthy of WRAS -- Cream's Crossroads, Moody Blues Never Comes the Day, Charlie Daniel's Band -- Whiskey. About 5-7% good Southern R&B/soul and a sprinkling of good crossover rock that made it to Top 40, but the Hughes Corporation, NO WAY. Nevertheless, your show is one-of-a-kind and showcases a station that was one of the most progressive college radio stations in the country with a very selective playlist. I'm getting my old cassettes, the ones that haven't completely disintegrated, of actual WRAS shows and will share them with you. Maybe you one of the DJs! Keep up the good work, but please forgo the Top 40 and disco. I never heard it for the three years I listened religiously.

  5. I used to do yard work every Saturday morning. I stopped doing that when I started listening to your show, to the dismay of my wife, who was born 16 years after me. I listened to WRAS from 1972-early 1975 almost nonstop. I have a box of cassette tapes of recorded actual shows, which I am slowly converting to digital and will share with you. I have a couple of requests that I hope you'll consider. You repeat a lot of songs. For example 1,2,3 Red Light by the Ohio Express, the kings of bubblegum pop in the late 60s, has been played about 4 times during the year. I love the song but don't recall ever hearing it on WRAS. I'll make my last request later. WRAS played groups that nobody else did, even powerhouse rock stations like 96 Rock. Groups I remember vividly, some of which crop up on your show (but many are surprisingly absent), are Spirit, Jo Jo Gunne, The Blues Project, Badger, The Electric Flag, Johnny Winter, Aphrodites Child 666, Roy Buchannon, Wishbone Ash, Man, It's A Beautiful Day (which you play frequently and I love it!), The Byrds, a good selections of the best Southern Rock, The Climax Blues Band, when they were a real rock n roll band (e.g. the fabulous 1972 album "Live on WNEW in New York, which sounds nothing like the MOR schlock they put out later which unfortunately pops up occasionally on your playlists). WRAS didn't just play the aforementioned obscure groups, but some of the best but underplayed deep cuts from groups like the Moodies (kudos to you for playing all the best), Cream, The Guess Who (I love when you play them), occasionally but not often the Beatles, lots of Stones (you play some of the deep cuts I remember from my listening days of vintage WRAS). There was always a couple of R&B cuts played in anyones show (Aretha, Clarence Carter, Wilson Pickett). Only occasionally did I hear a true "pop" Top 40 hit -- Radar Love, Shannon, Venus, etc. Honestly, I never heard and can hardly believe that WRAS would ever play something like Rock the Boat, a lightweight early disco Top 40 hit. Maybe it came after my prime listening days ended -- early 1975, but I find it hard to believe. Rock the Boat was not Rock n Roll and WRAS was all about rock n roll. Please stick with showcasing the great rock that made WRAS famous, cuts that you wouldn't likely hear on 96 Rock, Never hear on WQXI AM or Z93. John Baldry today was a masterpiece. Al Kooper -- awesome. Blue Sky, the most beautiful rock song in my opinion. Free -- they were also on vintage WRAS. It is an indignity to have Rock the Boat on here with those true masterpieces. Yes, WRAS (once or twice a day) would throw an unlikely song in, but it was always rick -- King Harvet's "Dancin in the Moonlight" got a lot of play and it was pop Top 40 but this stuff was a rare exception. Ohio Express?? Thanks and don't ever stop your show. How 'bout a third hour. Please??

  6. Maybe some other old time 88.5 fans will post some bands that I have maybe forgotten. Anyone remember Jamie Brockett? Heard on RAS.

  7. Alexander Woolcott comes through with some great band reminders!!! Kudos for the memories. My cognitive skills were somewhat impaired during my WRAS original era. Impaired by Jamaican and Colombian imports. So good to hear from someone who had the foresight to record the era.

    I think I heard Jeff mention Jim Morrison, the WRAS DJ, not the musician. We used to think he had the best shows. And there was another DJ named Scott Sidon. He didn't program music as popular as Jim Morrison but had a slogan "Your ridin' with Sidon" that I still remember 40 years out.

    Cannot wait for Saturday morning now and the best thing it doesn't interfere with the Car guys on NPR. Just cannot get WRAS to stream on my Android phone yet. In case I am not at home or in the car. But I am working on it.


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